The Homer Mining Index

Lundy, Mono County, California


“Published Every Saturday ● Served by carrier in Lundy and vicinity for Twenty-five Cents a week.● Office Building Corner of B and Second Streets”

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Volume II Number 11 ●  August 20, 1881

Volume II Number 13 ●  September 3, 1881

Interesting 1881 Passages

Kelly’s boarding-house at the foot of the May Lundy tramway, Lake Canyon is nearing completion. August 20, 1881 

Permanent or transient lodgers will find neat rooms and the nicest of accommodations at the Magnolia House. August 20, 1881

The Lake Canyon Toll Road, with its twenty turn-outs has been completed, from Lundy into Lake Canyon and from the latter point directly to the east end of the Lake Lundy. August 20, 1881

The “first wedding in Lundy,” which was to have taken place last Sunday, didnt come off. September 03, 1881

A meeting of the miners of this district is called for Saturday evening, October 1st, for the purpose of electing a Mining Recorder, and to transact such other business as may come up. September 03, 1881

The following claims have been placed upon the books of the District RecorderLundy since our last report:  Northern Belle No.3 – R. G. Montrose, Jas. Gilfoyle and W.O. Lundy, locators. September 03, 1881

The completion of the Lake Canyon Toll Road across the high divide to Lee Vining creek is but a question of time, as the people of this district will get all their freight over that road when the railroad is built. September 03, 1881




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